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Tuesday, 09 February 2010 02:38

Flat beer is usually caused by CO2 pressure set too low or beer that’s too cold.

Beer depends on a certain amount of head pressure (CO2 pressure) to keep the CO2 that was put in at the brewery in the beer.For example, if you pour a glass of beer and sit it on the counter, the beer will eventually go flat. This is because the glass of beer does not have any head pressure sitting on top of the beer to keep the CO2 in suspension.

The very same thing can happen to the beer in your kegerator. Set your CO2 regulator too low or even turn off your CO2 bottle between pours and often your keg will start to go flat before you can empty it. This is because you allowed the pressure to drop too low and the CO2 is leaving the beer in your keg, just like its leaving the beer in your glass.

But this is an easy problem to fix – just temporarily set your CO2 regulator to 35 – 45 PSI for a while to force more CO2 back into your beer. I can’t tell you for how long – it’s a trial and error thing but I suggest that you start with 2 hours and if 2 hours isn’t enough, do the same exercise an hour at a time until your beer is carbonated again. Just don’t forget to set the regulator back to your pour pressure and bleed off the excess pressure before pouring a beer.

Also, the latest craze in bars these days is to serve beer as cold as possible. And although a frosted over cobra beer tower looks neat, super cold beer really means relatively flat beer because the CO2 just wants to sit in the beer instead of trying to escape from your beer glass. So, even though your beer has plenty of carbonation, you get no bubbles and no head on top of your beer glass. The solution to this problem is simple - make sure your beer is not colder than 36 degrees F.

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